One farm, four thousand members.

There's something magical about being part of a project that's completely unique. A collective of coffee enthusiasts each owning a tree on the estate. Revolutionising how you buy your coffee. It's never been done before, but that's never stopped us.

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Why the farm?

The only real way to help the coffee families and the wider community is to go straight to the source and pay more for the raw product. So we started a mission to cut out the middle men. No more greedy brokers, useless shipping agents or thieving conglomerates. We went straight to the farm itself.


Where is it?

The farm is located 300 kilometres north of Nairobi in the shade of the eastern side of Mount Kenya. This is where we've worked with George Muchomba and his eldest son Isaac to create one of the finest coffee farms in the world; Time to get our hands dirty.


What have we done?

We have built a model farm with shared facilities that can be used by local communities who rely on the coffee for their existence. We set out to empower the farmer and revolutionise how consumers interact with the people supplying their coffee. We set our goal and achieved it.


Who owns it?

You can. We are giving you the opportunity to own a tree on the farm. This project relies on continuous support from you, the real coffee enthusiasts. We have individually numbered four thousand trees within the estate. One of them could be yours.

The Farm - Meru Kenya

The Muchomba Farm is the second home of Paddy & Scott's in Africa. Although trends come and go, small batch, Kenyan single origin is generally considered one of the finest coffees in the world. The farm is a little over 15 acres in size, consisting of approx 6,600 trees, each cherry is picked by hand between April and July. During harvest the farm employs dozens of local workers who pick and carry the cherries to the pulping station on the farm. The parchment is then washed and sun dried on long drying tables. We harvest approx 2500 trees per annum for our own use with 4000 of our trees being allocated for members of the Meru Community Farm Project. Members can visit the farm during harvest and even pick the coffee from their own tree. Places are limited so be quick to book your slot.

Small acts, when multiplied by thousands of people, can change the world.
Howard Zinn, circa 1922

Ruiga School - Meru Kenya

Proceeds from the Meru Community Project are now extending far beyond our boundaries. The Ruiga Day Secondary School is located 6kms south of the farm with many of our farm workers' children in attendance. We soon realised the school needed serious investment: There was no running water, toilets or even glass in the windows. Whilst we were building the new pulping station it seemed only natural to extend this water supply to the school so we ran a 6.6 km water feed, installed new water storage tanks and built a new brick toilet block with washing facilities. However, our most exciting project was the creation of a model working farm on the school grounds to teach the children modern coffee farming methods. The proceeds from the sale of this coffee will provide additional places for parents who cannot afford to send their children to school.

Only 4000 members worldwide will ever be part of this project. Don't miss your chance to make history.

Our first shipment of green coffee arrived from Mombasa late 2017. Members will first receive their membership box including a shipment of single origin Kenyan coffee to try whilst you register your plot and agree your shipping dates. You will also receive a farm pass card (you'll need this card to access the farm if you ever visit), your tree plot number, branded reusable steel coffee container and a strictly limited edition Meru Farm Project coffee cup. Members will get special access to monthly subscriptions services, updates from the farm and names will be entered into a ballot box to win a free trip to Kenya to visit the farm.

How long do I own my tree for?

Your tree will yield maximum coffee for approx. 7 years, during which time we’ll keep it watered, pruned and catalogued at the farmhouse. After 7 years we splice the tree and reuse the root ball system to graft another sapling, wait 3 years for the tree to start yielding fruit then the whole cycle begins again. You will then have the option to renew your tree ownership for a small fee.

Can I visit the farm?

Absolutely! The whole Muchomba family would love to welcome you to the farm. The project was created to encourage people to visit Kenya, especially Meru County where the farm is located, this helps the community and you get to experience the project first hand. If you wish to visit; we suggest anytime between April and September during the coffee harvest. Obviously, it's a working farm, therefore, we would need to arrange the visit for you to make sure the family are expecting you. If you wish to pick your own coffee, you can but please make sure you pre-book it with us to avoid disappointment. Keep an eye on your monthly updates as we will be offering visits - remember to bring you Meru Farm pass card.

Why, though?

As a company, we wanted to shorten the distance between the coffee-drinker and the coffee-grower. Business can be a positive force for change and we have proven this with all the good work we have done at the Ruiga School and the Meru Farm.
Sure, you may find cheaper coffee in your local supermarket but that's not really the point, is it? Your involvement directly impacts in a positive way the families who provide your morning pick-me-up. This coffee sends children to school, it provides jobs for the local community and safeguards the future of coffee-growing families - Damn, that sainthood is in the post, surely!

What's the coffee like?

Think of unicorns cavorting across a sunlit vista. Think of starlight twinkling and children laughing.....does that give you some idea.....?

Ok, put simply you will receive 300g of fresh whole bean coffee from the Meru Farm four times per year. This is 100% arabica, super-smooth with citrus notes - a classic Kenyan flavour profile. Best ground immediately before use and drunk black - we recommend using a trusty cafetiere for the perfect results.

Is the coffee exclusively from my own tree?

Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee it. Due to the way in which the coffee is picked, processed and shipped it is likely that you will receive coffee from other trees on the farm too. We can 100% guarantee that the coffee you receive will have come from the Muchomba farm, have been lovingly hand-picked, sun-dried and quality checked by our fantastic farm-workers. Of course, if you want only the coffee from your very own tree - come to the farm, get your hands dirty and fill your basket yourself!

How do I get the coffee from my tree?

Through owning your tree, you will be a proud member of the Meru Farm Project. Once you own your tree it will be catalogued and an agri-label with your name on.
Now, if you wish you could book a plane to Nairobi. Hop in a Jeep, follow the coordinates on your Pass Card and go pick the coffee from your tree yourself. But we all live busy lives so if that seems like too much work we can pick, process, ship, roast, pack and deliver your coffee straight to your door. Your tree will yield approximately 1.2KG of roasted coffee every year, depending on the success of the harvest.
Now to ensure your coffee is sent to you as fresh as possible; we process, ship and roast 4 x 300g bags of your coffee which is then delivered right to your door for a small monthly fee ( or per annum ).


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