Nitro Cold Brew Coffee.

A natural pick-me-up, Paddy & Scott’s beautifully crafted nitro cold brew coffee is reassuringly zero calories, guilt-free, vegan energy.

What is Nitro Cold Brew?

We use 100% craft coffee to give our nitro cold brew that bold yet luscious taste. Slowly brewed for 24 hours then infused with nitrogen for a pure and silky smooth mouthfeel.
So whether you’re pulling an all-nighter or need that before dawn pick-me-up this one’s for you.
Get fuelled.Start your morning right, get nitro at home.BUY NOW

For a smooth boost, enjoy Nitro straight up.

Keep Nitro chilled, then slowly pour into a glass. Slowly watch the bubbles. We designed Nitro to be naturally sweet so no sugar required. Why overcomplicate things, just keep it simple, keep it black.

Make it a really big night.

New inspired cocktails from the private member's clubs of London

Sexy black Christmas

15ml coffee liqueur (Kahlua)
15ml VS cognac (Hennessey)
15ml Orange liqueur(Cointreau)
15ml Gomme (2:1 sugar and boiling water)
125ml Sexy Black

Video tutorial

Sexy Black Cold Fashioned.

30ml Kahlua
15ml fresh lemon juice
15ml passionfruit syrup
10ml Gomme

Video tutorial

The Nitro Martini.

5cl Grey Goose Vodka.
1cl Kahlua.
Sugar syrup.
75cl of Paddy & Scott’s Nitro Cold Brew.

Video tutorial

Sexy Black N&B.

50ml Brockmans premium gin.
200ml Sexy Black.

Video tutorial

The Nitro Russian.

5cl of Grey Goose Vodka.
A splash of Paddy & Scott’s Nitro coffee.
5cl of cream.
Served with ice in an Old Fashioned glass.

Chevron Shake.

2oz chocolate sauce.
25ml vanilla syrup.
50ml full milk.
200ml Sexy Black.
Video tutorial

Fuel to get you through the day and into the night.

So whether you need the energy to embrace the day and wrestle with the light of dawn. Or if you live by the night, dance with the dark and don't wake up until the sun goes down. Our natural energy boost has you covered.

Why are Paddy & Scott’s launching energy drinks?

Energy drinks are seen as sugary, nasty, jittery things. But we dig natural highs. So we’ve created luxurious, guilt-free energy drinks that will blow your mind, body and soul. For your office, party, bar and gym. Get stuck in.

Stock Nitro?

Stock nitro.Want to stock nitro in your establishment? It must be a cool place, get in touch.CONTACT

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