A new fuel is coming.

Primed and ready to go, we're here to service the Hotel, Bar and Resturant sector in this vibrant part of the world. Nitro Cold Brew, craft coffee, hand-built espresso machines, training and cool branding. We're on a mission to fuel the world one continent at a time!

The Coffee Farm.

In 2016 Paddy & Scott’s signed a 10-year collaboration project with the Muchomba Family in Kenya to lease their coffee farm.
The project is a world-first direct trade agreement between the grower and a large scale consumer base which tackles the imbalance of trade and gives the
farmer more control over his crop.
The project is based on a membership plan with each member, corporate or individual owning a tangible tree on the farm.
Members pay to have their coffee picked, roasted and shipped.
Alternatively, members can visit the farm and help with the harvest.

Silky Black nitro cold brew.

A natural pick-me-up, Paddy & Scott’s beautifully crafted nitro cold brew coffee is reassuringly zero calories, guilt-free, vegan energy.
We use 100% craft coffee to give our nitro cold brew that bold yet luscious taste. Slowly brewed for 24 hours then infused with nitrogen for a pure and silky smooth mouthfeel. So whether you’re pulling an all-nighter or need that before dawn pick-me-up this one’s for you.
One can of Nitro contains 200ml of our Silky Black goodness.

Brew Bags.

Our bio-degradable pure craft coffee Brew Bags are the most convenient way to get your morning hit of ambition. Simply drop one of these bad boys into a cup add some water and you've got yourself a damn fine cup of coffee without the need for grinding, weighing, measuring, french pressing, espressoing, areopressing, extracting or stressing. It's so damn simple it must be Paddy & Scott's.

Retail craft coffee.

Our retail craft coffee is made up of...

From our farm in Kenya. Jerry Can is our flagship retail coffee named in honour of the Ruiga School children who used to carry jerry cans of water along the busy road to the school. Paddy & Scott's funded a 6.5km fresh-water pipeline so the children can put down the jerry cans and get back into the classroom.
Your purchase of this coffee supports our continued work in the coffee growing community in Meru, Kenya. We think this is the finest coffee you’ll ever drink. For the people of Meru it’s life-changing.

Our classic range of retail coffee:
Wakey Wakey: Our morning kick-starter.
Chit Chat: Our signature blend, perfect for sharing with friends.
Easy Day's: Our Casual, laid back choice.
Cafe Decaf: There’s something a little special about this decaf coffee.

Muchomba Classic.

Community-driven, craft coffee with a story.
From our farm in Kenya: Muchomba Classic is our flagship commercial tri-blend coffee. This is a super-smooth coffee with citrus notes, a classic Kenyan flavour profile.
In collaboration with the Muchomba family, the Meru Farm is now the second home of Paddy and Scott's in Africa. Here, not only do we grow some incredible coffee, but we are also investing in the farm infrastructure and working with local schools to ensure sustainable change for the future.

Made With Love.

Our original craft coffee.
Created in Scott’s garage back in 2007 with ‘Old Smokey’ a 2-kilo vintage belt driven roaster. Made with seasonal cof- fees from around the world to maintain a consistent taste profile.
This classic coffee constitution helped build our company. Amazing flavours, deep complexity and slowly roasted with love. By far our most popular coffee. Available as whole bean, ground or individual bulk brew.

Coffee shop concessions.

This is your chance to make a first impression. Ditch the faux Italian pictures, who cares about your beard wax or bike chains, this is about authenticity. We believe in crafting environments that empower people to do more. Spaces where creativity flourishes and ambition is fueled. It's a tough gig, you've been tasked with cashing in on the booming craft coffee market but where the hell do I start? Surely making a cup of joe is a simple concept, anyone can do it, right? We'll we've been doing it for over a decade and have got it down to a science. We've broken down investments to cost per cup and profit per-serving, but it ain't just about pound shillings and pence. It's also about creating a legacy.

Fuelling vans.

Along with Fuelling Stations and awesome concessions, we also fit out and produce some mobile coffee serving vans. All fully branded and ready to fuel the nation with fitted espresso machines, cooling units and everything a barista needs to create an experience like no other.

Paddy & Scott's Middle East DMCC


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