These are a work of art.

A bad craftsman always blames his tools. Our baristas have no excuses. All our machines are hand-built for us in Monaco: From our entry level 'Formula 2' to the limited edition 'Sixty'. Our complete packages including grinder, knock-out drawer, delivery and fitting start from just £139 per month. What's your excuse?

Let the beauty of what you love be what you do.
Rumi, 1207 - 1273

Project 60

So sexy it hurts. The "Sixty" by Conti celebrates the 60th Anniversary of this iconic Monaco based espresso machine manufacturer. A gorgeous lever espresso machine that harks back to the swinging streets of London during these hedonistic times. Only sixty of these machines will ever be built; one for each year of Conti’s existence, with only 10 of them earmarked for the UK you'll need to be quick to get your hands on this piece of espresso machine history....Supply is strictly by invitation only.

MC 2 - (available in 2 or 3 group)

The MC 2 is our flagship espresso machine, designed for the professional, competition standard barista. It boasts twin 0.9-litre boilers, Teflon coated "cool touch" steam wands, competition group handles with larger baskets combined with a pre-infusion system which can be set independently on each coffee group, custom copper boilers. This beauty is hand built, hand polished and customisable. So damn good we use them in all of our own coffee shops...Base model from £244 per month.

X Pro (available in 2 or 3 group)

The X-Pro. Designed for baristas by baristas. Consistently crafting great coffee in some of the world's most prestigious bars, hotels and restaurants. The ingenious optional TCI system allows individual group temperatures to be adjusted, coupled with accurate flow control functionality ensuring incredible temperature stability in heavy-use environments. Without a doubt; our most popular machine. Stunning in mat black and polished steel. You'd sell you car for this...Machine packages from £225 per month.

Formula 2 (1, 2 or 3 group options)

If this was a car it would be a 'Land Rover Defender'. Bomb-proof construction, stainless steel chassis and panels. Unlimited build combinations and colours, Compact, single, double or triple group build options. Can be spec'd with a standard 13amp power supply for lower volume sites or preferably 20amp single phase for busier locations. Custom built copper boilers and braided hose internal fittings make this bad boy, a cost effective work horse. We use them for all our external events and shows. Package price from £139 per month.

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