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In 2018 Paddy & Scott's opened its doors in the Middle East with a distribution hub in Dubai.

A new fuel is coming.

Primed and ready to go, we're here to service the Hotel, Bar and Resturant sector in this vibrant part of the world. Nitro Cold Brew, craft coffee, hand-built espresso machines, training and cool branding. We're on a mission to fuel the world one continent at a time!

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Grab a coffee and let's see how we help you take advantage of the global craft coffee movement. If you're a hotel, bar or restaurant give us a call, we can work with your current distribution partners or use our service partners. Paddy & Scott's Middle East DMCC is based at Jumeirah Lakes Towers (JLT) and headed by Tarik our MD so you'll get to speak to the main man, first go, no messing around.
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The entire world at our fingertips.

With a flight time of fewer than 6 hours, you can have breakfast in Dubai and Lunch in Nairobi, Kenya ready to visit our farm and see for yourself where all the magic begins. We can be in Hong Kong in under 7 hours about half the time it takes to travel from London. Dubai is our launch pad to a smaller world, light the blue touch paper and join us on our rocket journey.

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