Home Barista

A short course which is a great introduction to the coffee industry, or as a knowledgeable insight for the home enthusiast. Covering the origins of coffee and the tree-cup process. Learners will discover how to make the perfect espresso and texture milk with a traditional barista machine.

Time: 3 hours
Location: The Bean Barn, Moat Park, Framlingham Road, Earl Soham, Suffolk IP13 7SR
Cost: £55.00
Spend an eye-opening 3 hour class with Kit, our Head of Coffee Excellence.
Participants will learn how and where coffee is grown, explore how differing growing areas affects flavour profiles and follow the process from tree to roastery to cup.
Next learn how to extract the perfect espresso: Includes a brief lesson on equipment set-up and tasting sessions to find the perfect extraction time.
Finally learners will perfect their milk textures learn a range of drinks recipes, with possibly enough time to delve into a little latte art.
Includes a free gift for every learner.

Please note that this course may be subject to change of date if minimum participant numbers are not reached.

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