This is Fuelling Ambition

Not for the faint hearted...Fuelling Ambition is a new wave of coffee and branding, ushered in by the desire to differentiate ourselves from the nullified conglomerates that dominate the High Street. If you're serious about coffee what's your excuse not to be brave?

A new era of branding.

Fuelling Ambition is branding with attitude: Promo boards that scream for attention, cups that preach excitement and powerful messages; all encompassed by an ideology to achieve more. Our brand is like nothing ever put to print. We believe in empowering people to be more ambitious. Our branding reflects this through provocative slogans and inspiring attitude. It's everything companies wish their brand could be if only they had the courage - we certainly do, but the question is do you?

Leaded Rating
Our brand without limitations. Offering the purest, unfiltered version of Fuelling Ambition. It’s why we started Paddy and Scott’s; it's our voice. It may be provocative. But boy does it sell.
Barista Life
Unleaded Rating
Parental guidance is advised. Unleaded still holds to heart the same provocative attitude and core belief of Fuelling Ambition....
While not quite giving Grandma a heart attack.
Drop Down
To be or not to be.
Bio-Fuel Rating
Even the pope couldn't be offended by this branding. For all those who swear by political correctness; this is for you. It’s like the colour beige: Non-offensive, but a million trousers can’t be wrong.

Think you're ambitious?

Since the beginning coffee shops have always been a hub of entrepreneurial ambition. In ancient times the peasants of the land drank ale as a substitute for the disease-ridden water of the times. The intellects, the philosophers and the pioneers; they all drank coffee. The coffee houses were seen as a hub of new-wave thinking and ambition. It is this philosophy that encompasses our brand. Creating fuelling stations for the ambitious to come and work towards a better future. It's not about the craft, the hipsters, the people making coffee from cat shit. It's about breaking the boundaries of what is acceptable, staring these doubters right in the face and doing what you do anyway.

What is 'Fuelling Ambition?'

Fuelling ambition is the tangible face of our fight against the large nullified conglomerates that dominate the coffee industry. We believe the best way to sell coffee is by showing people how this drink makes you feel. We sell high-octane caffeine induced fuel. Our fuel makes you work harder, look sexier and feel orgasmic. Our coffee is the catalyst for your ideas. Fuelling ambition is for the doers, the driven, the pioneers, the creators. You provide the ideas, we fuel your ambition. Simple.

Leaded, Unleaded & Bio-Fuel? Is this a petrol station?

No, this isn't a petrol station. The problem we face on our ongoing crusade is that the best way to convert the masses is to infect the corporates. Now, unfortunately the big corporations out there can't put 'orgasmic' on the wall. So we created three tiers of our brand. If you're a true ambassador of our 'Fuelling Ambition' then choose Leaded. If you're addicted to the brand but can't scare off the bosses choose Unleaded. If you preach political correctness then choose Bio-Fuel.We promise not to rant, gesticulate or say shit.

Why are your posters so raunchy?

Our posters make you more money. If that has not convinced you to embrace a little raunchiness let me explain: You walk into any of the corporate high street chains and what do you see on the walls? Passive faux-Italian images of a basket or some generic model holding a bag of some bullshit. It's formulaic, sterilised and worst of all: Boring. Switched-on people engage with authenticity. So we thought “screw it; let's say our coffee is better than sex, let's tamp well and grind good. Come into one of our 'Fuelling Stations' and learn how to pull.” And people love it! We got millions of watched minutes on our YouTube channel, tonnes of social media feedback with people sharing our posters on Facebook, Twitter, Snapaty Chat and all those other sites the kids are using nowadays. So yeah, there is a method to our madness.

What stuff can I use in my business?

If you sign up for Fuelling Ambition you get the lot: Posters, table talkers, cups, custom wall art, lighting installations and so much more. Our 'Fuelling Ambition - Brand Package' contains everything you need to join the crusade. You have an endless supply to our latest artwork and slogans. We use magnetic inserts for all our wall art so when new posters come along, or seasonal drinks, it's easy to switch it up. We believe in future proofing our brand so once you've signed up you're in for one hell of a ride. If you're brave enough, of course.

What if I don't want to piss anyone off?

Don't worry we understand that not everyone can embrace the unfiltered nature of 'Fuelling Ambition' so we created 'Bio-Fuel.' This is for those that love the ambition but can't put 'orgasmic' on the wall. 'Bio-Fuel' is still the very same attitude and style of our 'Leaded' range while remaining politically correct. This is popular in schools, corporate facilities and nursing homes.

Why such a boring font?

For all you font fanatics out there let me explain: We use Helvetica. Helvetica is the typeface of bureaucracy. Smoking warnings, the NYC subway, even the space shuttle, government documents, street signs and nutritional information us Helvetica. Cool right? No, not really, I hear you say. Well, we use this typeface provocatively: Conveying anti-establishment ideologies through their chosen font. Helvetica is the tangible face of the system. By contrasting this with extreme messages we can create content that people have no choice but to obey. ( At least it's not Comic-Sans ).

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