Update from the Meru Farm

December 2017: Farming activities

Flowering and expansion

We had good rainfall in months of October and November which triggered two flowerings in the month of October. The first flowering is already at the expansion stage (see attached photos). It takes 8/9 months from flowering for cherry to ripen.

Pruning and conversion were completed in the month of September. The trees are fairly open and promising with good potential.

Weed Control

The farm is fairly weed-free which has been enhanced by organic matter management, close spacing and the tree-shade intensity.

Soil Conservation, Nutrition & Soil improvement:

Water retention basins were dug in September - starting from the lower part of the farm - to ensure there is no water wastage and soil erosion through water runoff. Two rounds of fertilizer were applied in the months of October and November.

Pest & Disease Control

There was no serious pest noted in the farm. However, pest scouting is done at least once per week to ensure that there is no serious threat from pests such as Kenya mealybugs, berry moth and green scales, yellow tea mite and thrips.

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