Sheep or Pig?

Do you tend to follow the crowd? The safe, corporate, pinstriped suit provider that will deliver an "off the shelf solution;" not really excite or inspire you but ticks the boxes? Keeping with the sheep analogy let's call this the penned in approach.
If so then please move on, there's nothing to read here....

However, if you consider yourself more free-range or swine-like then this will be worth a read and a moment or two of your time and consideration. Paddy & Scott's are probably the most famous coffee brand that you've never heard of. Fast approaching our 10th birthday and slowly roasting over 90,000 cups per day you'll find us inside some of the world's largest companies, finest restaurants, trendiest hotels and closer to home on the High Street in Suffolk.

The beautiful Bean Barn in Earl Soham is where the magic happens, our not-so-corporate head office and showroom. Inside you'll find our small, enthusiastic and passionate team alongside our beautiful range of hand crafted, traditional espresso machines; all lovingly made to order in Monaco.

Inside the showroom you'll find Kit, and you can't get any more Paddy & Scott's than this chap. An SCA qualified professional barista who delights our clients with his engaging training sessions to ensure that each of those 90,000 cups mentioned earlier are delivered at their very best. If it says Paddy & Scott's on the cup and has our wings on the machine then there's a lot to live up to - it's both of our reputations on the line!
All this talk of Monaco, hand crafted, slowly roasted, on-going training, passion, enthusiasm and reputations must come at a price right? Well it does, and probably for considerably less than you think...... Start by thinking about two flat whites.

Not sure if you want to pick up the phone just yet? Head over to twitter and have a scroll through the feeds of @paddyandscotts, @ps_coffeegeeks & @hereswesty where you can follow our coffee adventures and see for yourself why my business card says 'I'm your gateway to happiness'.
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