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How to get Christmassy with your coffee habit

Chances are that if you put ‘coffee’ and ‘Christmas’ in the same sentence your mind will conjure up some sort of festive latte or a syrupy mocha. If you’re worrying about how you’re going to squeeze in that caffeine fix amongst the mince pies, turkey and bucks fizz fear not! You may not realise quite how versatile the black stuff is and just how many festive ways there are to keep yourself fully fuelled over the holidays. Here are a few of our favourite Christmassy uses for coffee:

Espresso Martinis – This classic cocktail is a winner all year round. But Christmas is that special time of year when drinking champagne for breakfast suddenly becomes acceptable. If you’re worried about missing out on your morning caffeine hit simply enjoy the best of both worlds and look damn classy in the process – chin chin!

Marinade for meat - The bitter richness of coffee makes it perfect for adding to a marinade with a splash of red wine, Worcestershire sauce with a helping of herbs and spices is perfect for beef, chicken or even turkey to keep it festive.

Tiramisu – Trifle is dead, long live tiramisu! This Italian dessert’s name literally translates as ‘pick me up.’ Indulgent, gooey and the perfect antidote to too many sprouts - Seconds anyone?

Coffee truffles – If Grandma loves a home-made gift; add a little espresso to your coffee truffle recipe and keep her wired until long after the Queen’s speech.

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