Flexible Diet; Flexible Thinking

Why Caterers need to get on board with fexitarians

The start of this year saw the highest ever participants pledging to take part in Veganuary, the month-long vegan challenge. With more than 250,000 participants, more than the last 4 years combined, it’s time for the hospitality industry to catch on. Our customers deserve options!

Another interesting trend on the way is ‘flexitarianism.’ The idea being that people add more plant-based foods into their diet without completely eliminating meat, or anything else for that matter. Essentially it’s giving people the freedom and empowerment to choose...and why not, eh?

From allergies, intolerances to plain old choice; there are so many reasons why an individual may have restricted food and drink options. As cafe owners and industry big-hitters Paddy & Scott’s has always tried to stay ahead of the curve. From being among the first UK company to introduce recyclable coffee bags, fully compostable take-away cups and launching our innovative Farm & Community Project in Kenya; we’re always riding the waves of innovation!

In our own cafes in Bury St Edmunds and Hadleigh we offer a range of gluten free, nut free & vegan foods, as well as at least 2 dairy-free milks at any time. If you have a special dietary requirement; just ask - we’ll always do our best to be flexible.

With our trade customers, partners and concessions we offer advice, contacts and ideas on what and how to serve flexibly. Our barista training as standard includes information and recipes for drinks without dairy. There’s a confusing world of milk-alternatives out there and we can help to navigate it, ensuring a great tasting coffee every time.

More than ever people are embracing the idea that they can be whoever and whatever they want and this is exactly what Paddy & Scott’s is all about - labels are for food, not people!

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