Coffee, trainers and a trip to India

Is there such a thing as the perfect job?
I’m still undecided; I think I will always believe the perfect job is some charity work coupled with a favourite hobby backed up by a lottery win in the bank! When a 4am alarm only goes when you have a holiday flight to catch, never for a grey morning in Milton Keynes let’s say!

Ok, well is the grass greener?
Would you ever leave a very steady, promising role, filled with opportunity……gamble it all, to work with a new company, making waves in the industry granted, but still very, very new?!
I would…..
Within 5 minutes of a secret meeting opposite the Scott half of the Partnership, I made my decision. A very ambitious, cheeky and confident personality dared me to challenge myself, challenge my life, challenge my comfort zone, I took up the challenge.
Do such opportunities present themselves often in a lifetime? Not sure about that one, definitely a first for me, that’s for sure.
And so I handed back everything I had been striving for during the last 2 years working for a “big coffee company;” a posh car, suits, trips to Rome, all expenses paid skiing holidays and delved straight in to the unknown.
My role at Paddy and Scott’s sees me right at the beginnings of something amazing, something growing, something that people really identify with, something honest, and now something that I’m helping shape: Make up your own rules Gareth, If you think it will work; go for it. I have learnt more in 5 months about ambition, dedication, quirkiness, competing in tough times and great times than I could ever have imagined.
I love the word quirky, I think it is a decent word to sum up Paddy & Scott’s, Don’t be fooled, we will get the deal, we will make the promise, we will deliver: 3 facts never in doubt, but we are quirky along the way. It’s a great reason for our customers new and old to love and support us.
So where am I going with my ramblings? Well let me tell you!
During one of our “lets build a better business” meetings, (I’m not allowed to say Board meeting, or wear a tie!) it was agreed it’s high time we arranged a trip to say a good old-fashioned thank you to the farmers that grow and harvest our coffee.
Now, if you work for a big coffee company these trips usually involve a difficult business class flight, a guided tour in a 4x4 to a farm, a polite visit, a shake of hands and thank you. All before retiring to the air-conditioned hotel, shower and on to a very nice meal. Nice photos, stories are stored for PR purposes, very nice indeed…it’s many things but authentic it is not.
The Paddy and Scott's way is a little different! Swap your shiny shoes for a pair of converse, your suitcase for a backpack, a planned and rigorous itinerary for a copy of lonely planet, a 4x4 for local trains, bikes and tuk tuks, air-con hotels for homestays. All of the comforts from my life previous will not feature: To experience the origins of real coffee; I’ll need to experience the country and the culture.
My shocked face slowly turns to very wide grin………I definitely made the right decision.
I fly November 9th with a camera and the grid references of 3 coffee farms, my phone is staying in the office!
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