Coffee innovation meets pier renovation

Coffee pioneers Paddy and Scott’s are proud to partner with the team behind Clacton Pier’s £4.5m renovation project.

Paddy & Scotts' company tagline and ethos is ‘fuelling ambition;’ providing the fuel and drive to bring big ideas to fruition. The Clacton Pier Company Ltd are setting the bar high and naturally Paddy and Scott’s were keen to lend their industry expertise.

Paddy & Scott’s grow, roast and distribute coffee, machinery and ancillary products throughout the UK & beyond. Just 10 years old, and from humble beginnings they are now regarded as the ‘go-to’ for those looking for authenticity and a refreshing change from the corporate coffee companies saturating the high street.

Paddy and Scott’s National Sales Manager Martin Westhorp, who is spearheading the Pier’s coffee offer, sees a match made in heaven for the two companies. ‘From my first meeting with Neil Stacey (F&B Manager) and Billy Ball (Managing Director) the synergy between what The Clacton Pier Company were looking to achieve and what Paddy & Scott’s could deliver was apparent and a project that I was extremely keen to be involved with.’

Plastic waste and coffee cup recycling only became a hot topic earlier this year, yet Paddy & Scott’s had already paved the way. One of the first UK companies to introduce recyclable coffee bags and making the switch to fully compostable takeaway cups long before their competitors.

The sourcing and provenance of coffee is also a minefield for the uneducated - fairtrade, rainforest alliance, organic, single origin, we could go on…..

Scott Russell (Founder & CEO of Paddy and Scott’s), never one to shy away from a challenge decided the only way to truly know where our coffee comes from was to go straight to source and invest in a farm. And that’s exactly what he did. Their second home is in Meru, Kenya where you’ll find the Muchomba Farm. From here The Paddy and Scott’s Meru Farm and Community Project was founded in 2017 and is a world first: Linking coffee drinkers straight to the people growing, picking and processing their coffee and reinvesting in the farm as well as the wider coffee-growing community.

At just over 15 acres in size the Meru Farm boasts approximately 6,600 trees; one of which Martin and Scott are proud to gift to The Clacton Pier Company as thanks for the great work Billy and the team are doing in Clacton. As the pier’s official coffee supplier throughout all 4 coffee bars they will be serving Paddy and Scott’s Muchomba Classic, a beautiful blend containing Kenyan coffee direct from the farm. With a proportion of the proceeds going directly to the Meru Community Project every cup is changing lives.

So far the project proceeds have funded not only investments in the family-run farm but also much needed improvement to the local school. A 6.6km water feed as well as a new toilet block with washing facilities mean children spend less time carrying water from the river and more time in the classroom.

Martin is enthused, ‘This is just the beginning, Paddy and Scott’s have committed the next 10 years and beyond to this project so for Billy and The Clacton Pier Company to be involved is music to our ears.’

‘This is the beginning of a beautiful partnership and I urge everyone reading this to show your support.’
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