As A Company We Thrive Off Feedback - Paddy & Scott's
As a Company we Thrive off Feedback

As A Company We Thrive Off Feedback


As a company we thrive off feedback, the good the bad and the outrageous and I had to share the below with you from a coffee judge who tried our Great With Friends coffee. As a company about to go through a brand strategy this humorous frank synopsis on our packaging speaks volumes and comments like this will form part of our discussions. 
We have to admire these two guys - they're doing the kind of job the Judges want to be doing. But rather than just sit around moaning that so-and-so coffee is a duffer, they've got up off their arses and gone and made their own - so good luck to them! 
Now, let's hope they know what they're doing. The packaging on this this is not great - two blokes having a love-in over a small cup, with way too much text - loses it one point from this Judge. 
It's a damn fine brew though. We've had three now, and they've all been consistently good. Powerful flavours, no aftertaste. Just a nice lingering coffee coating in your mouth to remind you of what you've just enjoyed. You don't see this coffee around much - but if you do, you can't go wrong. (8/10). 
I am just so glad that they loved the coffee and below are a few other people who agree (excuse some of the spelling but they are left as written to us)
‘Enquiry: I recently had a coffee at a B&B in Snape, the landlady said it was from Paddy and Scott's, (classic esspresso wholebean) The best coffee I've ever had. Can I buy this online from you?
‘Enquiry: Being most impressed with your coffee served to us at Meldon Park, Northumberland, I emailed Emily Cookson to enquire as to which variety it was. I would very much appreciate any help you can offer as I would like to be able to drink it at home too.’
Enquiry: Hi guys I wanted to ask, I tried your coffee at Kesgrave Hall Hotel, part of the Milsoms group. I thought it was awesome. So I definitely want to buy some but not sure which one out of your range I had in the rooms. I don't suppose you would know.
Thank you to all who spend time writing to us, it means a lot to the whole team and it has also taught us we need to improve the information on our website about our different coffee’s so watch this space…
Now, make a Paddy and Scott’s and tell us what you think at .
Happy Drinking...