About Us

In the early days, it was just about having fun: Roasting coffee we wanted to drink, we didn't care about protocols or rules. We didn't even have a name for the company; just Paddy and I delivering coffee from the boot of a car, fuelled by caffeine and ambition.

From the boot to the big league.

We now produce over 30,000 cups of coffee per day: From our own fuelling stations to over 150 branded concessions. Hong Kong & Shanghai have already been invaded and the march continues on to the Middle East. Our Trade Accounts Team supplies our award winning, slow-roasted coffee to some of the finest restaurants in the UK, favoured by celebrity chefs and enjoyed in some of London's finest Hotels. Constantly evolving and always reinventing ourselves; we've proudly supplied our coffee to the likes of Virgin Atlantic, Sony, HP, O2 and Barclays. We're on a crusade to fuel the world and we're just getting started.

Our story in numbers.


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