Our Story

Slow roasted, packaged with love, drunk by you!

Paddy Bishopp and Scott Russell are just two guys who share a passion for great coffee. Paddy used to own a wonderful café which was voted The Best Deli/Café in Suffolk and harboured a longing desire to roast his own coffee. Scott, on the other hand spent 10 years working in London, a devoted coffee afficionado, before they literally stumbled over each other during a five-a-side football match!

"It really started off as a bit of fun", says Paddy, "we bought a second-hand 2-kilo roaster, fondly called "Old Smokey", from a wonderful South African coffee guru and started slow roasting coffee over a real flame in Scott's garage for family and friends as a way of winding down after work, it was great fun and really therapeutic". When the friends of their friends started asking for it we were roasting enough coffee to start a small company, hence the birth of Paddy & Scott's, the rest as they say is history!

We may have outgrown "Old Smokey" who's been put out to pasture, but true to our roots all our coffee continues to be slow roasted with all production being kept within our beautiful British shoreline. We now produce 20 different types of coffee and supply over 400 outlets throughout the UK including some of the finest restaurants, hotels and trendy cafes. Our gourmet retail range is available in prestigous independent food emporiums, Waitrose, John Lewis Food Hall and House of Fraser. Across the oceans we can also be found in far flung places such as Hong Kong and Shanghai!

Barista Training

We have put together a video with a few tips and tricks from our head barista Gareth, just to show you a little bit about what goes into making the perfect coffee and what we do here at the bean barn.


We strongly believe business should be fun, but producing coffee does have a serious side. Being fathers we understand the importance of education and nurturing children. In many situations it is the children in the plantation areas who are forgotten and they end up with very little or no education. By working with organisations such as Fair Trade and Utz Certified we ensure these communities can invest in future generations.

"There is something amazing about fresh roasted coffee, this is a wonderfully aromatic coffee"
Ainsley Harriott

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