Our Coffee Machines

You can’t beat the theatre, smell and romance of a traditional Italian-style coffee machine, but even the world’s best Barista can’t match the continuity and speed of today’s amazing automated “Bean-to-Cup” machines, so how do you know what coffee machine is right for your business?

We understand that when you're running a busy establishment nothing can go wrong, however, if it does, you want to pick up the telephone and get it resolved! Our commercial agreements combine the world's finest machines backed up with a national breakdown service coupled with a tax efficient easy payment plan. We have listed our most popular models below...

Traditional Barista Machines

Formula One Range…essential to drive your business forward!

Drawing Inspiration from the Italian love of Espresso and the renowned gourmet palates of the French, our stunning F1 range are hand built for us in the heart of Monte Carlo where our manufacturer have been perfecting the fine art of building espresso machines since 1956.

Committed to premium quality, only the finest raw materials are used in the production of our machines, and over 80% of components are fabricated on site, guaranteeing superior technical and quality assurance. These stunning machines really have to be seen to be believed, drop us a line to arrange a test drive!

Formula One Range

Designed by Baristas, hand built in Monaco.

  • Available in 1, 2 or 3 group
  • Standard espresso or tall cup machine available
  • Built in diagnostics, self-clean cycle, service, cleaning and filter change reminders.
  • Adjustable boiler temperature means you can match your machine to the coffee perfectly
  • Professional Stainless Steel Knock-out drawer included in the package
  • Heavy duty professional grinder
  • Knock out drawer and full barista training
  • 1 year on-site warranty call out - parts and labour
  • Fully automatic
  • Accurately pre-programmed to fit Paddy & Scott's coffee cups
  • Stainless steel panels
  • All Copper pipe work throughout
  • Installation and water treatment unit
  • White, Black and Red machines available (see pictured)

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Fully Automated "Bean-to-Cup" Machines

These marvellous machines produce a fantastic cup of coffee time after time with little input from the Barista! Ideal for environments where time is money and continuity is key!

We feel very proud and fortunate to work with WMF for our bean to cup solutions. Not only do they offer a unmatched standard of engineering and design, the level of customer service and quality in the cup is astounding – to further show our belief we have even developed a special coffee perfectly matched to the WMF machines!

WMF ‘Prestolino’

High end German manufacturing in compact and funky design, ideal for up to 75 cups per day. It comes as standard with 1 x bean grinder but has numerous configurations available as options, which include a second bean hopper, hot chocolate or dried milk facility. A superb looking machine makes the art of coffee making easy for everyone. Fully portable, can be kept in one one place or moved for functions and events. 13 amp power supply needed.

  • Dimensions: Height 682mm x Width 325mm x Depth 555mm

  Or contact Scott for more information on 0844 477 85 86.


WMF 'Presto'

A masterpiece of German engineering with upto 16 pre-programmed drinks available at the push of a button. Numerous model options are available meaning each machine can be tailormade for your requirements. Fully automatic cleaning programmes. A fabulous machine for up to 150 coffees per day including layered cafe lattes! We love this machine so much we have one in our office! Can be plumbed or operated from hand-filled tank. 13 amp power supply needed.

  • Dimensions: Height 682mm x Width 325mm x Depth 555mm

  Or contact Scott for more information on 0844 477 85 86.


WMF 'Bistro'

The real professionals choice that has the ability to produce over 300 drinks per hour from a single push button control panel. Self-cleaning, stylish, sexy, beautiful...can you tell we love this machine? Ideal for establishments where image and style is just as important as producing amazing coffee.

Available in numerous formats to suit the busiest of environments, we simply can’t ask too much of this machine – astounding!

  • Dimensions: Height 733mm x Width 450mm x Depth 555mm

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Bulk Brew Systems

We understand in the high output environments then speed is crucial, therefore we have sources a comprehensive array of machinery suited to all filter, boiler and bulk brew applications and list Marco Beverage Sytems & Bravilor Bonomat as the very best

The Shuttle – The Flexible Bulk Brew System

Made by Marco Beverage Systems this stainless steel stunning retro coffee tower looks fantastic and is perfect when you have numerous guests or visitors. An extremely robust and easy-to-operate model that serves cup after cup without problems!

Featuring portable 5L coffee urns this machine makes serving coffee in multiple areas a doddle with only one machine needed.

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The Quickbrew - Bulk Brew Coffee Machine

In our opinion the most reliable and efficient bulk brew system on the market today. Available in either single or twin urn design with capacity ranging from 6L to 24litre of fresh brewed coffee these machines are capable of producing up to 500 cups per hour every hour.

Designed in conjunction with ‘The Speciality Coffee Association of Europe’ these machines have achieved the Gold Cup standard in filter technology-meaning to you that your customer receives a world class cup of coffee every time.

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The small print! - All equipment supplied is brand new and comes with one-year warranty, unless stated all prices are fixed for three years and will not increase within this term, however each agreement comes with a 12-month equipment up-grade option. Delivery upon completed documentation is 14 working days, Paddy & Scott's Off Set Coffee rental plan is based on the Recommended Retail Price (RRP) of Paddy & Scott's Espresso Coffee. For the calculation of providing a monthly credit we have based each drink served at £1.75 pence per cup. Errors and omissions excluded, the above prices are subject to credit approval and will not form the basis of an agreement until agreed in writing by Paddy & Scott's Cafes Ltd and signed off by the client.