What do the below great companies have in common?

They all serve Paddy and Scott's, Seriously Good Coffee

We're on a mission to serve great artisan coffee at work...

Paddy and Scott's are at the forefront of a new coffee revolution in the work place. If you get the coffee right you’ll keep your staff and visitors on site longer, it really is a simple return on your investment.

Artisan coffee is taking on a whole new meaning as consumers demand a premium experience not just on the high street but in the work place too. It's in this business sector where quality, taste, innovative drinks programmes and passion is the main ingredient that stands us out from the competition.

Cool branding, stylish hand built coffee machines, slow roasted, small batch production with provenance. Paddy and Scott's is headed by two real people and a dynamic team. Give us a call at the Bean Barn and we’ll come and see you, have a coffee and hatch a plan to revolutionise your company coffee offering.

Paddy and Scott’s Company facts:

  • • Founded in 2007 and 100% privately owned.
  • • Compounded growth calculated at 35% during this period.
  • • Over 400 direct retail outlets.
  • • Over 100 corporate accounts the likes of Virgin Atlantic, Sony, BMW, BDO, Oxford University, 02 and Hewlett Packard to name just a few.
  • • Our gourmet retail coffee range is available in selected Waitrose stores, John Lewis Food Halls, Tesco and hundreds of independent deli's and farm shops UK wide.
  • • Across the oceans we can be found on the shelves in Hong Kong, Shanghai and Moscow

Our flagship cafe in B&Q Dorset...


An example of our espresso cart in a top London lawfirm...